Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fwd: RE: One More New Opportunity

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Matt/Frank  We will meet at the below address at 8AM Wednesday.  See you then.  We will learn more about the job when we get there.  Design and permit period is one year +-.        [NewBAI_LogoGREEN03 from Sal.jpg]          2290 Diamond Blvd., Ste. 100             Concord, CA  94520             925-685-4569             925-685-4838 (fax)      Trace Porter  Shimmick Construction Co., Inc. / NW Sponsor  8201 Edgewater Dr, Suite 201, Oakland, CA 94621  Mobile 510-715-3974 | Office 510-777-5000  [cid:image001.png@01CECDB0.F9DDE490]    From: OPAC Consulting Engineers [mailto:opacengineers.com@gmail.com] On Behalf Of Matthew Etchepare  Sent: Monday, July 27, 2015 12:18 PM  To: Trace Porter <tporter@shimmick.com>; Kwong Cheng <kcheng@opacengineers.com>  Cc: John White <jwhite@shimmick.com>  Subject: Re: One More New Opportunity    Trace,    We are very interested.    Frank and I are available to meet Wednesday morning. Frank has worked with private owners on past projects.    Thanks,      Matthew Etchepare, PE    OPAC Consulting Engineers    315 Bay Street, 2nd Floor    San Francisco, CA 94133    (415) 989-4551 ext 204  On 7/27/2015 11:58 AM, Trace Porter wrote:  Matt /Kwong  We have been invited to meet with a private owner to design/build a 200ft span bridge in Antioch.    We would like to bring you with us to this opportunity. Can one of you be available to meet with the owner Wednesday at 8am?    I will send you the information for the location if you are available.    Trace Porter  Shimmick Construction Co., Inc. / NW Sponsor  8201 Edgewater Dr, Suite 201, Oakland, CA 94621  Mobile 510-715-3974 | Office 510-777-5000  [cid:image001.png@01CECDB0.F9DDE490]        

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Whole Home News

Can you slop some sour cream on the chicken thighs we need to cook tonight?

A homemade apple press:

Francis Drouillard, PE
OPAC Consulting Engineers
315 Bay Street Second Floor
(415)989-4551, x213
(415)547-9422 cell

Friday, November 1, 2013

Lethal Kittens!

They look innocent, but they have no problem shredding your skin as they climb your legs or bite any exposed flesh.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mac Mini Server + Time Capsule LAN for Comcast Cable Business

I have a static IP address and a registered domain name as well as a Time Capsule, Mac Mini Server and two iMacs. I want to create a small office LAN with the Mac Mini Server running behind a firewall that is publicly accessible.

Final LAN Configuration:

 /173.nnn.mmm.122 gateway  \
| subntmsk  |- COMCAST SMC 8014 router
|     WAN dns1  |  (DHCP / NAT disabled) 
 \     WAN dns2 /
 /173.nnn.mmm.121 Static IP\  
| 173.nnn.mmm.122 gateway   |- Time Capsule ... USB Printer
| subntmsk  |  (DHCP and NAT mode)
|     WAN dns1  |
|     WAN dns2  |
| ========================= | 
|        LAN IP    | 
|       subntmsk  |   
 \       LAN dns  / 
     |              |             |
 / Mac Mini\   / iMac #1 \   / iMac #2 \
| | | | | | < Private IP
| | | | | | < LAN subntmsk
|  | |  | |  | < LAN gateway
 \   \ /   \ /  < LAN dns

Configuration Method:
This describes the procedure I followed to obtain the above LAN configuration.
Configure LAN
The Mac Mini Server, Time Capsule (TC) and two iMacs were manually configured to a 10.0.0.x subnet with TC as Router and the Mac Mini Server as DNS server. The Private IP address of the Comcast Cable modem/router was changed from the default to to match one of the DHCP ranges available in TC. Note that TC is currently in "Bridge" mode but will eventually be configured for "DHCP and NAT." 
Configure DNS
Do not skip DNS configuration. It is absolutely essential to get your LAN working right.
Server.app on the Mac Mini Server was uninstalled with this command in Terminal:  
sudo rm /var/db/.ServerSetupDone
Install Server.app 2.2.1 for a private network. Re-configure DNS service by first deleting all of the zones setup by the installer, then adding a Primary Zone, a Nameserver Record and a Machine Record. The real registered domain name dogfunplaces.com was used to setup DNS service.
Test DNS Configuration
From Terminal on the Mac Mini Server run: sudo changeip -checkhostname and verify that the Current HostName and DNS HostName match. From Terminal on one of the iMacs run: sudo dig server.dogfunplaces.com and sudo dig -x to make sure domain names and IP addresses are properly resolved.
Disable the Comcast Cable Modem
Port forwarding, DMZ and 1-to-1 NAT were disabled on the Comcast Cable modem. "Disable Firewall for True Static IP Subnet Only" and "Disable Gateway Smart Packet Detection" were checked. "Disable Ping on WAN Interface" was unchecked.
Change Time Capsule Router Mode
The router mode of the Time Capsule was changed from "Off(Bridge Mode)" to "DHCP and NAT" via the pull-down menu on the "Network" tab of AirPort Utility. In "Network Options..." choose a DHCP range of to That is the same subnet as the Mac Mini Server, Time Capsule and the two iMacs, but beyond the IP range of those manually configured devices.
Once  changed to "DHCP and NAT" router mode, the TC takes on the LAN IP of (which was configured in the Comcast Cable modem) and the Comcast Cable modem is accessible from its 173.xxx.yyy.122 WAN gateway address only.
Enable Services
Go to the Mac Mini Server and add users and groups. Give them access to File Sharing and FTP services. Turn on FTP, Open Directory, Websites and Wiki services on the Mac Mini Server. Go to the Websites tab, Edit "Server Website" and configure a redirect to "Server Website (SSL)."
Using Workgroup Manager for Server.app, select the single person button at the top of the left pane, then choose the "Advanced" tab. Select each user and make sure their Login Shell is set to "/bin/bash" using the pull-down menu.
Port Settings
"FTP Access" port 21 and "Personal Web Sharing" port 80 were mapped to Private IP "Personal Web Sharing (SSL)" port 443 was also mapped to Private IP The FTP and Wiki site can now be accessed by authorized users from 173.xxx.yyy.121 as well as server.dogfunplaces.com. 
Woo whooo!
Now I need to update my trusted certificates!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Golden Retriever Love Brigade!

The Golden Retriever Love Brigade is back! Celebrate our independence and spread the love in Gualala and Point Arena this year!

Bring your Golden to the Cypress Center on Saturday, July 6th or Pt. Arena on Sunday, July 7th. Or come to both!

On Saturday meet uphill at the water company/KTDE parking lot by 12:40 p.m. The Cypress Center parade lasts about one half hour.

On Sunday assemble at the high school tennis courts at 11 a.m. Be prepare to pick up "accidents" by your Golden. Rick and Jeanne Jackson will provide water for the dogs. Red, white and blue scarves will be available for the dogs, courtesy of Peter and Tony. Elise and Davina will again carry the brigade sign, which will have new embellishments by Jeanne Jackson.

Happy 4th of July!

Facts About Gualala Fireworks Birds

That's my cat, Pokey. He likes my wife better than me, so we got
another cat for me that will eventually become hers.


Rich and Jeanne,

This might be the easiest way for you to post articles to the
Mendonoma Blogspot, which Ive tested at my other blog at

I sent this post to dooly2.brassandglass@blogger.com. Note that the
new post gets its heading from the subject line, displays the
attached photo (if any) at the top of the post, then has all this
stuff in the body of the email as the post text. (It may not display
the link to the Brass and Glass site properly.)

Once you know the double-extra-secret email address, you too can post
to the site. Feel free to try it at the Brass and Glass site at
dooly2.brassandglass@blogger.com. It's a low traffic site, so experiment away.

Once you're familiar with the way it works, you can send to the
Mendonoma Blogspot. Just use the email addy dooly2.mendonoma@blogger.com.

Hope that helps!


PS -- Please keep those email addies secret. Thanks!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

My First Antique Mining Transit

This is my first mining transit. It's a Buff & Buff with auxiliary telescope, serial number 10289: