Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Facts About Gualala Fireworks Birds

That's my cat, Pokey. He likes my wife better than me, so we got
another cat for me that will eventually become hers.


Rich and Jeanne,

This might be the easiest way for you to post articles to the
Mendonoma Blogspot, which Ive tested at my other blog at

I sent this post to Note that the
new post gets its heading from the subject line, displays the
attached photo (if any) at the top of the post, then has all this
stuff in the body of the email as the post text. (It may not display
the link to the Brass and Glass site properly.)

Once you know the double-extra-secret email address, you too can post
to the site. Feel free to try it at the Brass and Glass site at It's a low traffic site, so experiment away.

Once you're familiar with the way it works, you can send to the
Mendonoma Blogspot. Just use the email addy

Hope that helps!


PS -- Please keep those email addies secret. Thanks!